Show Act

Do you need a show act for your Varieté or Gala show? Then I can offer you three different types of acts.


Sunny Honey

Balkan music meets party atmosphere. This hula hoop act is made for you to have a good time. With super creative and funny moves I will bring a big smile on your face. An impressive final with 5 hula hoops and many planets surprises the audience. A perfect mixture of first-class artistry and clownery!
This act is part of the street show Rainbowplanet

"This was incredibly good." (Monika, eventorganizer Berlin)

"I thought this is the best clowning/hoop act I've ever seen on my life! I've shared it with family and friends and everyone freaking loves it!" (Luisa, Hula Hooper from Austria)

Length: 6 minutes
Music: Balkan Beat Box
Space: 6x6 meters minimum
Ceiling height: 3,5 meter minimum
Optional: with clownery 2-6 minutes before the act

3000 Grad Festival, Hutfestival Chemnitz, Kulturuferfest Bingen, Zauber im Schlosspark Horneburg, Berlin Lacht, Italian Hoop Connection


Very fragile

The hula hoop melts in with her body and both tell a story about the fragility of life with all its soft and hard moments. Kristin Lahoop combines hula hoop manipulation, dance and movement theater into a total work of art with outstanding precision, speed and poetry.

This act is part of FRAGILAXIE

Reaction from the audience:

"A masterpiece" (Sky Flowartist)

“This reminds me of Pina Bausch”

“That was the most beautiful hula hoop act I’ve seen for years”

“Incredibly impressive and touching”

“You’ve invented a new genre, contemporary hula hoop.”

Length: 6 minutes
Space: 6x6 meters minimum
Ceiling height: 3,5 meter minimum

Variete Forchheim, Trinity Center Bristol, Cirque Electrique Paris, Weihnachtsfest Lebenshilfe Brandenburg


LED act “Lightwings”

In this choreography Kristin Lahoop combines skilled multihoopingtricks with powerful musicality and poetic images. Come and melt into the futuristic world of planets and butterflies. This act enchants everyone with 5 LED hula hoops and a mysterious atmosphere!

"This performance was perfect, artistically very worth seeing and it inspired all guests." (Kerstin, event organiser Berlin)

"The performance of this young artist has swept us all away. You can see that there is a lot of heart and soul behind it! We can only recommend it, whether in the private sector, at company parties or other events. We had booked the show for our Christmas party with about 500 people and it was great!" (Nadine, Lebenshilfe Brandenburg)

Length: 6-10 minutes
Space: 6x6 meters minimum
Ceiling height: 3,5 meter minimum

Variete Forchheim, 3000 Grad Festival, Oranienburger Schlossnacht, Sparkasse Berlin, Zauber im Schlosspark, Kulturuferfest Bingen, Landesgartenschau Wittstock, Weihnachtsfest Lebenshilfe Brandenburg