Hula Hoop Artist
Kristin Lahoop

Welcome into my world. I want to share my hooplove with you as a performer and as a teacher.



The right show for every stage with many details to discover and an unique style.



Are you looking for new moves for your hula hoop trick box? Whether beginner or professional, I have the right input for you!


About me

Why me and hula hoop? This and much more you can discover here.


The Hula Hoop artist shows that her art is much more than just waist hooping. Pantomime, humour, elegant poses: a mixture of spectacular and graceful movements!

- Sören Heim, Bingener Wochenblatt

Kristin Lahoop tells her stories in a completely different way. With a mixture of dance, artistry, juggling and pantomime, she takes the audience into her world, formed by hula hoops, which turn into wings in the next moment.(…)

- M. Budde, Westerwald Zeitung