Street theatre

This is a perfect show for your family friendly event. Here I mix clownery, mime and hula hooping to amaze the public and make them laugh and dream.


Rainbow planet

It's raining on an ordinary day and Kelly has set off to reveal the hula hoop sun. She dares to jump into another world. Hoops get out of control. First one hoop, then three and eventually five. They will form planets, knots and create funny punch lines. With the help of the audience she will make her way to discover the rainbow planet.

A perfect mixture of first-class artistry and imaginative clownery!

"The response to your performance was overwhelming and everyone was thrilled." (Maren, event organizer, Halle)

"This was incedibly good." (Monika, event organizer, Berlin)

Length: 30 Minutes
Language: nonverbal
Stage size: 5x6 meter minimum
Optional: with hula hoop workshop

Gütersloher Straßenfiffi, Straßentheater Plan B Mülheim, Hutfestival Chemnitz, Kulturuferfest Bingen, Zauber im Schlosspark Horneburg, Berlin Lacht, Spektakel im Kurpark Bad Salzdetfurth, Picknicks Hachenburg


Sally & Kelly

Sally has prepared a fantastic show. Only Kelly does not know much about it yet.
They will enter the stage with many hula hoops and will start to do lots of nonsense. They bite and kick the hula hoops or get stuck in them. As well as the hilarious clownery, they will present 2 solo and one duo act with high artistic skills and a surprising singing performance.

Length: 30 minutes
Language: nonverbal
Choreography: Solana and Kristin Lahoop
Optional: with hula hoop workshop

Hutfestival Chemnitz, Berlin Lacht, Folklorum Kulturinsel Einsiedel, Schortenser Klinkenzauber, Kleinkunstfestival Münster, Berfunk Open Air Königswusterhausen