Since 2012 I teach the art of hula hoop. What I like the most is passing on the joy and passion for hooping. I offer workshops, individual coaching and regular classes.


I offer workshops for all levels in Berlin and in other cities as Hamburg, Leipzig, Freiburg, Dresden or Köln as well as teaching at international hula hoop conventions.
I am also happy to come to your hometown and to your living room by offering online workshops (not regularly). My speciality is teaching choreos and expressive movements with one hoop.

Hula Hoop Conventions where I taught:

Rendez-v'Hoop, Paris Touch, Swhoop (Bristol), German Hoop Convention, Alpine Hoop Retrait, Austrian Hoop Convention, Italian Hoop Connection, Get The Ring (Zurich), Hoopurbia (Berlin), Hooplaland (Brandenburg)

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Workshop Tour 2024

19.10.-20.10. Hamburg (Ticket sale starts in July)
16.-17.11. Hannover (Ticket sale starts in August)
23.-24.11. Leipzig (Ticket sale starts in August)
30.11.-1.12. Berlin (Ticket sale starts in August)


Workshop in Hamburg

Expressive Hoopdance
New tricks, new combos, new choreo, new input

Saturday 19.10.2024 // 12 a.m. -5 p.m.
Sunday 20.10.2024 // 12 a.m. - 5 p.m.

costs: 105-150€ depending on your income

where: Tanzsaal e.G. // Tanzsaal West // Wiesendamm 24 // 22305 Hamburg

Max. participants: 14

Hooplevel: intermediate - advanced (you should know the basic tricks, You can ask me, if you are not sure)


I offer coachings for absolute beginners and professionals.

I will help you to make your very first steps. with the hula hoop.
Do you want to learn waist hooping in a private class? I will take the time that you need. The focus is on the joy of movement and the exceptance of yourself as you are. You, your body and your movements are unique. This is a gift for everyone.

Do you need new input? Do you want to have my support for your act? I can help you with smooth, dancy or expressive transitions between tricks. I can help you to find your personal style. I can help you to bring more musicality to your act. And I will guide you to more precision and details that make the magic in your act.


This choreo I developed with my weekly advanced class in Berlin.

At the moment I don't offer weekly classes. As soon as I will, I will inform you about it here. Or subscribe to my newsletter.