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My drop in class in Berlin:

Every Thursday 5.15 – 6.45 p.m.: Hula Hoop Dance Class for Beginners in Berlin (Juggling Center)

Kristin Lahoop teach you hooping! We start the class with a playful warm-up, then we teach you a lot of tricks, followed by some hoop dance improvisation, and finally we stretch. Music – without stilistic limitations – motivates and inspires you. The class is meant for beginners (no matter how old you are). At first we focus on one hula hoop, because you can do a lot with it like moving the hoop up from knees to neck, turning in- and outside the hoop, or doing some isolation and so on. Later on there will be a second hoop. Don’t worry, this is neither a fitness class nor an artistic school, but we’re all about fun and a feeling good about yourself. I have different kinds of Hula Hoops to try out.

Every thursday from 5.15 – 6.45 p.m. at the Juggling Centre (Zossener Straße 24) near station Gneisenaustraße // one class 12€ / 10 classes 100€ / first class 10€ // please contact me if you want to join 


I also propose individual private lessons.

This year I will teach at:

Hooplaland (Brandenburg) 7.7.-9.7.2017

Austrian Hoop Convention (Wien) 11.8.-13.8.2017

Hooptal (Niedersachsen) 17.8.-20.8.2017

Swhoop (Bristol, UK) 6.10.-8.10.2017

Hoop Touch (Paris) 28.10.-29.102017


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