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I propose Workshops in Berlin and at conventions. Sometimes also in other cities (Freiburg, Hamburg, Regensburg, Dresden). I Can come to your hometown too! These are my favorite workshops:

Basics Level 1
Basics Level 2
Break to the Rythm
Fancy Flips Collection
Vertical Touch
Planet Hooping
Turn with your hoop
Organic Isolation
The hoop as an extension of the body

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Hula Hoop Artist - Kristin Lahoop - Sehr Fragil 2

Dates: 23.-24.3.2019 Hamburg // 13.-14.4.2019 Leipzig // 8.-9.6.2019 Linz // 27.-30.6.2019 Alpine Hoop Retrait


The 6th.3.2019 bis 10th.4.2019 I propose a weekly class “Hoopdance for beginners” in Rathenow
When: every wednesday 7.10-8.40 p.m.
Where: Förderschulspektrum Turnhalle, Große Hagenstraße 3, Rathenow
Register: VHS Havelland www.vhs-havelland.de

Kristin Lahoop teach you hooping! We start the class with a playful warm-up, then we teach you a lot of tricks, followed by some hoop dance improvisation, and finally we stretch. Music – without stilistic limitations – motivates and inspires you. The class is meant for beginners (no matter how old you are). At first we focus on one hula hoop, because you can do a lot with it like moving the hoop up from knees to neck, turning in- and outside the hoop, or doing some isolation and so on. Later on there will be a second hoop. Don’t worry, this is neither a fitness class nor an artistic school, but we’re all about fun and a feeling good about yourself. I have different kinds of Hula Hoops to try out.


I also propose individual private lessons.

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