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About me

Me and my hula hoop:

As a child, Kristin Lahoop was engaged in rhythmic sports gymnastics, where the hoop played a significant role. Later, as a youth dancer, she performed at the annual christmas show in „Halleschen Steintorvarieté“. But her great passion began when, she discovered the Hula Hoop as a dance partner. Youtube was her teacher number one, because in terms of Hula Hoop dance, there was no school in Europe at this time. The Berlin based Hula Hoop artist profits from the huge offer in Berlin and formed herself autodidactically in dance, clowning and artistry. Kristin was able to develop her unique and innovative style through this unconventional training path. She is strongly influenced by the French Nouveau Cirque. Her speciality is the combination of tricks with dancing, rythmic and narrative elements. As if the body tells a story through her Hula Hoop. Since 2012, she has been on stages of gala shows, variety shows, festivals and clubs. Since 2013 she has been teaching at European Hula Hoop Conventions: German Hoop Convetion, Hoopurbia (Berlin), Hooptouch (Paris), Swhoop (Bristol), Get the Ring (Zurich).

Me and the stage:

Hula Hoop Artist Kristin Lahoop

Internationale Tourismus Börse (ITB) – Berlin
V-Varieté – Berlin
Folklorum – Kulturinsel Einsiedel
Forum Neuer Zirkus – Berlin
Cirque Electrique – Paris
Trinity Arts Centre – Bristol
Berlin Lacht – Berlin
Secrets Festival – Berlin
Holi Festival of Colours – Gießen
Vier Tore Fest – Neubrandenburg
Wundertüte – Hachenburg
Fête de la Musique – Berlin
Kunst in den Mai – Rostock
Ackerstadt Palast Varieté – Berlin
Ritter Butzke – Berlin
3000 Grad Wanderzirkus – Hamburg

Me and the cultural work:

Kristin carries a M.A. (Magister Artium) in Film Studies, European Ethnology, and Romance Studies (French) from the Philipps University in Marburg (Germany). After her studies she has worked in different cultural organisations and organised the artistic fire and light festival „Hachenburg Lichterloh“ twice with over 10.000 visitors in 2011. 2017 she worked as the artistic director of “Hachenburg Lichterloh 2017”. Since 2014 she and Solana organize also every year the hula hoop event “Hooplaland”.

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