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Street theatre

Sally & Kelly

Sally has prepared a fantastic show, only Kelly does not know much about it yet. They bring many Hula hoops with them and start to do nonsense. They bite and kick Hula hoops or stuck in them. Beside the hilarious clowning, they present 2 solo and one duo act with high artistic skills and surprising singing performance.

Choreography made by Solana and Kristin Lahoop

Clowning without words

Production: 2016

Lenght: 30 minutes


Rain falls on everyday life. Kelly reveals the Hula Hoop sun. She dares to jump into another world. There is a strange language, and the Hula Hoop makes the body move oddly. On her discovery journey she hears about the rainbowplanet, which she builds up with the help of the audience. An impressive final with 5 Hula Hoop and many planets surprises the audience. A perfect mixture of first-class artistry and imaginative clownery!

Choreography: Kristin Lahoop

Production: 2017

Lenght: 25 min


Book Kristin Lahoop

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