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Short act

Sehr Fragil

A body in the hoop, pure silence. Then: a twitch of the hand, a movement of the shoulder – welcome to the journey in Kristin Lahoops wonderland. The Hula Hoop melds with her body and both tell a story about life with all its soft and hard moments. Kristin Lahoop combines Hula Hoop manipulation, dance and movement theater into a total work of art with outstanding precision, speed and poetry.

Reactions from the audience:

“This reminds me of Pina Bausch,” “That was the most beautiful Hula Hoop Act I’ve seen for years,” “Incredibly impressive and touching,” “You’ve invented a new genre, Contemporary Hula Hoop.”

Production: 2017 / Lenght: 6 minutes


Video produced by Fotostudio Lauer & Pixopolis
// Music: Tronthaim “Hauptstadt” // Performance as part of the festival “Forum Neuer Zirkus” 2014 Berlin

    Fragility, fractures, despair and love. All this is expressed. Each body movement is precision. A slight twitch increases to a total outburst. Kristin Lahoop fights with the hoop and tames it again. The hula hoop is sometimes a heavy chunk, which takes her out of balance and shortly thereafter it dances like a feather around her body. Body and hula hoop are initiating a game that the audience will spin into a fantastical story.

  • Production 2014
  • Length: 6 minutes

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