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Video “Hoopwonderland”

Nominated for the Hoopie Award 2014

„Avec un cerceau et son corps, cette fille fait de l’art“ („With a hoop and her body, this girl is doing art“) – www.minutebuzz.com

„She’s spun up a totally amazing winner of a hooping video that was made in collaboration with  ChickenChris.“ – www.hooping.org

„Fantastische choreografie met een hoepel“ („Fantastic choreography with a hoop“) – www.zie.nl

このスゴ技フラフープ女子は今までに見たことが無いフラフープ・イリュージョンを見せてくれます。繰り広げられるスゴ技や衣装がフラッシュの様に瞬間に入れ替わるイリュージョンをお楽しみください!!(„This great hula hoop woman shows us an astonishing technic. You have to watch out!“) – www.japontimes.livedoor.biz


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