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Hula Hoop Artist Kristin Lahoop from Berlin combines circus arts with passionate dance

So far Kristin Lahoop has produced several short Hula Hoop acts that she is performing at hooping events, vaudeville shows, and club nights. One or up to 5 Hula Hoops (also with LED) – her portfolio is very colorful. Since 2016 she has been touring with her streetshow “Sally & Kelly – The Hula Hoop Show”. Her latest production, “Regenbogenplanet”, a poetic and funny Hula Hoop Street show, had its premiere in july 2017. She is also member of the company LIGHT TALES who produced there first piece “Im Kreise geht die Reise”. Below you find a selection of her previous work.

Demo video

Sehr fragil

A body in the hoop, pure silence. Then: a twitch of the hand, a movement of the shoulder – welcome to the journey in Kristin Lahoops wonderland. The Hula Hoop melds with her body and both tell a story about life with all its soft and hard moments. Kristin Lahoop combines Hula Hoop manipulation, dance and movement theater into a total work of art with outstanding precision, speed and poetry.

Reactions from the audience:

“This reminds me of Pina Bausch,” “That was the most beautiful Hula Hoop Act I’ve seen for years,” “Incredibly impressive and touching,” “You’ve invented a new genre, Contemporary Hula Hoop.”

Production: 2017 / Lenght: 6 minutes



Choreography made by Kristin Lahoop

Production: 2017

Lenght: 5 minutes

Sally & Kelly

Sally has prepared a fantastic show, only Kelly does not know much about it yet. They bring many Hula hoops with them and start to do nonsense. They bite and kick Hula hoops or stuck in them. Beside the hilarious clowning, they present 2 solo and one duo act with high artistic skills and surprising singing performance.

Choreography made by Solana and Kristin Lahoop

Clowning without words

Production: 2016

Lenght: 30 minutes

Sally & Kelly

Hoopus Flatterus

Choreography made by Sophie and Kristin Lahoop
Music: The Chemical Brothers – Shake Break Bounce
Production: 2015
Length: 4 minutes


Video produced by Fotostudio Lauer & Pixopolis
// Music: Tronthaim “Hauptstadt” // Performance as part of the festival “Forum Neuer Zirkus” 2014 Berlin

    Fragility, fractures, despair and love. All this is expressed. Each body movement is precision. A slight twitch increases to a total outburst. Kristin Lahoop fights with the hoop and tames it again. The hula hoop is sometimes a heavy chunk, which takes her out of balance and shortly thereafter it dances like a feather around her body. Body and hula hoop are initiating a game that the audience will spin into a fantastical story.

  • Production 2014
  • Length: 6 minutes


      Music: Cathrin Pfeifer “Rosweetheart”

        Performance at Fête de la Musique 2015 – Circus Schatzinsel Berlin

CC Lahoop (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 DE). Some rights reserved